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Downtown Anderson

In the words of the Downtown Anderson Association...
"Downtown Anderson is the brightest part of the Electric City! The surge of development has brought Downtown Anderson charming new places to shop, dine, live, and work, with others in progress. Downtown Anderson seamlessly blends our heritage with the present and also with visions of the future. You will find a wide variety in Downtown, from traditional Southern cuisine to modern cafes, from antique shops to contemporary art galleries...The City was founded in December 1826 and incorporated by an Act of Legislature in 1833."

With such an early start Anderson, SC is rich with history and things to do and see.  For an all inclusive list of what not to miss while in Anderson, click here.

Anderson, SC is great place to stretch your legs.  Here is a guide to walking and jogging trails.

Parking is a breeze with Anderson's pay for parking set up.  Here is a guide to parking downtown.


(Link to Official Downtown Anderson Website)

Monday November 12, 2018